ZORKA WOLLNY – How to work now? – On art and politic

Who inspired you on your works and performances?

I can’t choose one person, mostly I was inspired by some readings and theatre performances such as Dadaistic theatre or Futuristic noise machines, compositions by Fluxus.

Would you give an advice to an art student and what would it be?

Be brave to imagine things that are not there and never forget that art is in a context. For example, art museum is a context, public is also important and who you work with is important too. This is my way to show my art to others and let them understand me better.

What is your seminar about?

My seminar is about art and politic, art never exists alone but it is always a part of something bigger. It is a part of the world we live in, the relationships with other people, what kind of society we live in and the kind of society we want to be in. The outcome of an art work will always be political, because you make decisions very consciously, you meet people, you have some viewers and it is all connected in some way to politics.

What is the main concept of your works?

The artist needs to think that his art is always about what’s going on: Dadaism and Futurism, for example, were not out of the political scene. As an artist, you have to be aware that you and your art are functioning in something bigger than the work of art itself.

Pierpaolo Riontino e Giulia Russo

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