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Vladislav Shapovalov


"Personal Shopper", Olivier Assayas, 2016

The director is very good, the protagonist is beautiful, the atmosphere it’s nice and spooky. A contemporary story with ghosts, and everything happens inside a strange fashion word.


"Hollywood", Madonna, 2003

Let’s say "Hollywood" by Madonna, because it has this kind of aspirational atmosphere. It's very characteristic of the world of art, design and fashion: aspiration of success, beauty and everything.


"The Invention of Art: A Cultural History", Larry E. Shiner, 2001

I want to recommend "The Invention of Art: A Cultural History" by Larry E. Shiner. It speaks about this myth of the value of art compared to design or crafts, through an historical perspective, underlining the division between them. Why such high value is attached to art in culture, like why design is perceived as something utilitarian and, on the other hand, craft is seen as something less important?