How to Brand the Unconscious with Archetypes

Workshop a cura di Gabriele Moschin
Vision, mission, USP, 3D business model, competitors… All of these words should be well known among creative minds and designers in general. Even when it’s about ourselves, we need to know how to have, let’s say, our personal brand identity, which is not banal at all. Gabriele Moschin, ex Head of Education of Fashion Business and Art Direction at Polimoda, Firenze, knows the trade secrets.
Here’s what How to brand the unconscious with archetype, the two-day workshop he hosted, is about. Whether it’s about a brand, a product or a service, we need to really know what we’re talking about, and to be coherent to the project itself. Too often we just focus on the graphical part, and making it all cool, but forgetting that values are the one that needs to come to light.
After all of this theoretical part, students were asked to come to action. As said before, it doesn’t matter if it’s real work or not. Most of them chose to present a project of their own, or even something they are currently working on.
What comes to the eye is the attention Moschin gave to everyone of the pitches, stopping at every word, every shape, anything that wasn’t fitting in the whole image of the brand chosen. Professional yet friendly, he gave students a methodology to build a strong identity.
His very best advice? “Unique” doesn’t mean nothing: if you are the number one, just say it!
Ada Senelli