Intervista a Alexander Tochilovsky

Can you describe yourself in few words?

I define myself as a very curious person. I always look for new ideas, inspirations and something that could stimulate my brain to create new methods to make art.

Which were the tools you used before and wh are the ones you use now?

It’s a reverse creative path. I started with Adobe Suite, it’s pretty amazing the amount of uses you can have for your work. Then, step by step, I started to use different concrete tools, starting from paper to various machines.

How’s the workshop going? What will be the final project?

The workshop is going very well. The students are really involved in this discipline and they paid a really focused attention on what we are doing in these two days and how to made the A2 music album cover (this is the final project!). Who doesn’t like music? Is a super universal connection that everyone in this room can understand, and is for this reason that we are developing a favourite artist of each student.

Elisa Miatton e Tian Tian He